Quechua Explorer Arequipa


Altitude: 6 962 M
Duration: 17D/16N.
Route: Normal
Difficulty Degree: Without technical difficulty.
Requirements: Good physical condition.

PRICE: 3 600.00 USD per person and special price (discount) of 3 200.00 USD, for the first 4 registered.

* DEPARTURE 2023: December 13 - December 29
* DEPARTURE 2024: January 21 - February 06


Day 1: Llegada a la ciudad de Mendoza (760 M.)

Day 2: Mendoza - Preparation and procedures of permits.
We start in Mendoza (760 M.). We prepare (REVIEW) the equipment that will be transported by the muleteers to Plaza de Mulas and to confluence. Procedures for permits. Dinner. Night in Mendoza.

Day 3: Mendoza – Las Cuevas 3 157 M.
Breakfast, we left in the direction of the town of Las Cuevas. Lunch in the Uspallacta town (not included in the services). Arrival to penitents in the afternoon. We send the equipment that will be transported by the muleteers to Plaza de Mulas and confluence. We continue towards the caves. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 4: Las Cuevas 3 157 M. - Walk to “Cristo Redentor” on the Santa Elena hill, which is from 8.46 km. and 3 832 M.
Breakfast, 4 -hour acclimatization walk. Box lunch lunch. Beautiful path that leads us to this 1904 monument, which is the symbol of peace between Chile and Argentina, and where the Andes Army crossed in 1817. Dinner. Overnight in the shelter "El Portezuelo del Viento".

Day 5: Las Cuevas – Lag. Horcones - Confluencia 3 400 M.
Breakfast. Then on the mountain road, we headed to the Cuercon de Horcones. Income (check in). Walk approximately 3 to 4 hours / 8 km. Arrival to the confluence camp. Lunch. Free afternoon. Dinner.

Day 6: Confluencia - Plaza de Mulas with 4 250 M.
Breakfast. We left at 7:00 a.m., with an estimated time of 8 to 10 hours. Box lunch lunch. Arrival in the afternoon. Camp installation. Dinner. Overnight Distance of about 23 km. We can appreciate the horn hill and the bonette hill. Dinner. Camp.

Day 7: Plaza de Mulas. REST and preparation.
Breakfast. Rest and preparation for ascent.

Day 8: P. de Mulas – C. Bonete 5 000 M. - Plaza de Mulas
Breakfast. Ascent to C. Bonete. Quiet walk from 4 to 5 hours. Top. View of the west face of Aconcagua. Box lunch. Return. Dinner. Overnight

Day 09: Plaza de Mulas - Camp I “Canadá” 5 000 M. - Plaza de Mulas.
Breakfast. Ascent for food, fuel and equipment. Box lunch lunch. Return to the base camp. Dinner and camp.

Day 10: Plaza de Mulas - Campo I “Canadá” 5 000 M.
Breakfast. We start the ascent towards the first camp, Plaza Canada. Walk 3 to 4 hours. Camp installation. Box lunch lunch. Dinner. The ascent begins!

Day 11: Camp I “Canadá” – Camp II “Nido de Cóndores” 5 600 M.
Breakfast. We continue with the ascent to the second camp, Condores nest. Impressive view of the mountain range. 2 to 4 hours walk. Camp installation. Dinner. Camp.

Day 12: Camp II “Nido de Cóndores”. REST and preparation for ascent.
Breakfast. We prepare for the day of promotion. We verify with the base the weather and the best day for ascent.

Day 13: RESERVE for bad weather.
In our itinerary we have three possible summit days. These days are to guarantee the greatest amount of opportunities to reach the summit. We need only a good time window to make a summit. These days they can also be used at the discretion of the guide in previous steps of the expedition to strengthen the acclimatization of the group if it considered it necessary.

Day 14: Campo II “Nido de Cóndores” - Campo III “Cólera” 6 000 M.
Breakfast. Ascent to field III "cholera". Estimated time of 2 to 4 hours. Installation of the high field. Box lunch lunch. Dinner. Very important day, to rest early in the afternoon. Light dinner. Overnight.

Day 15: Campo III “Cólera” – Summit at 6 962 M. - Campo III “Cólera”.
Breakfast. We started walking at 5 a.m. We climb the north edge to the Independencia refuge at 6,450 m.a.s.m. First rays of sun. We ascend to "Portezuelo del Viento", where we must face strong winds even on days of relative calm. From there we make the journey, sometimes with hard ice or snow (important crampons and piolet). Then we climb "La Gutleta", a 300 m channel. With some inclination that leads us to the "Guanaco Filo", which represents an easy journey to the summit, where we can observe under our feet the 3 thousand meters of vertical ice and rock, from the southern wall, considered between one of the larger walls in the world. Summit with 6 962 m. (Almost 7000 m.), A 360 ° view and the experience of personal feelings and indescribable emotions, which only understand them by experiencing it. ATTENTION! You have to keep physique for the descent to field III.

Day 16: Campo III “Cólera” - Plaza de Mulas.
Return from camp 3 to the base camp, to enjoy a careful dinner and celebrate the rise made in the comfort of the base camp.

Day 17: Plaza de Mulas - Penitentes - Mendoza.
Breakfast, disarmed of the camp and prepare the packages that will be transported by the mules. Start of walking at 9:00 a.m., from 7 to 8 hours, back to the Laguna de Horcones, where private transport awaits us, which will lead us back to the city of Mendoza.


Our mountain expeditions include the following services

  • Transfer of admission, terminal or airport - Hotel in Mendoza.
  • Welcome dinner in Mendoza / does not include drinks.
  • Assistance in permission procedures in Mendoza.
  • Montana Uiagm Guide (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations).
  • Guide assistant for more than 4 passengers.
  • Complete food during ascent. Menagery for the base camp.
  • Penitent approach mules - Confluence. 10 kg per person.
  • Mulas to approximate the penitent mountain team to Plaza de Mulas. 20 kg per person.
  • Mulas for descent from Plaza de Mulas to Horcones. 30 Kg.
  • Mules Confluence Approach - Mula Plaza.
  • Camp area and use of bathrooms in approximation and descent fields.
  • Security equipment such as complete pharmacy, radios, satellite telephone, rope, Tibococ type anchoring system and digital oximeter.
  • Helicopter evacuation in case of emergency. Order by the guide and authorized by the doctor on duty.
  • Medical review in the approximation and base field fields
  • Support with the climate report for top day.
  • A hot shower in Plaza de Mulas.
  • 2 nights of lodging in Mendoza. (Double, marriage or triple rooms). The first and last night.
  • 2 nights of lodging in the shelter of the portezuelo del viento.
  • Expedition porters that will carry the group mountain equipment (20 kilos), such as tents, to the upper fields. Each participant must carry their own things, plus 7 kilos of equipment such as meals, gas, mask, etc. to the upper fields.

Service Does Not Include

  • Entrance to the Aconcagua Provincial Park (see the entrance rates).
  • Height porters, personal for equipment, garbage and human waste.
  • Personal expenses (tips, drinks, laundry, telephone, showers and others not specified as it includes).
  • Food in Mendoza and outside the Provincial Park of Aconcagua.
  • Transport of any kind. Only the approach of Mendoza / Horcones / Mendoza.
  • Personal equipment: sleeping bag, shelter clothes, thermos, sandals, sun lenses, flasks, crampons, canes, etc.
  • Costs derived from rescue or expedition abandonment.
  • Costs (lodging, food and transport) of anticipated descent due to evil of height, climate, social disturbances, physical, mental and/or technical condition.
  • Covered dishes and cup for height fields.
  • Life Insurance, which expressly says "includes helicopter evacuation."

Recommendations: (Read Complete Team List)

  • Travel and accident insurance, international. (Helicopter).
  • Sleep bag (minimum - 20 c °).
  • Waterproof trekking boots and/or shoes.
  • Expedition boots, crampons, march piolet, helmet.
  • Comfortable clothes for trekking, t -shirts, socks, pants, jacket
  • Raincoat.
  • Expedition pen and good clothes for the cold.
  • Small, medium and Duffel Bag backpack to put heavy things on the mules.
  • Sun protector for body and lips.
  • Personal first aid kit.
  • Trekking sticks.
  • March piolet.

Review the information, on:

Equipment for rent, porters, muleteers (mules), insurance, evil height, use of medicinal oxygen, helicopter rescue and payment advance to confirm the reserve. For the reservation, the service offered, the bank deposit or transfer is 50 %, before the arrival in Mendoza, and, the rest will be canceled upon reaching the city of Mendoza, in USD in cash.


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